Outdoor Camping Gear What You Need And How To Prepare?

When you don’t go camping often or it’s your first time, it’s difficult to know how to get ready or what to bring. This guide let’s you know this information.

Get Familiar with Everything

The first thing you want to do is become familiar with what you’ll be bringing along, so you know how to use it when you get there. When you have a tent, but you’ve never unpacked it and erected it before, open it up in the garden and put it together. If you don’t have a garden, do it in an open area like the living room. This way you won’t struggle when you arrive. If you buy a stove or a lantern, try them out and cook a meal using the pot or pan, and the stove on the patio see how you manage. Then you can adjust as needed.

Buying a Tent

The last thing you want is to buy a tent that turns out to be too small for you. Maybe you bought a tent from thetravelgears for one and then a friend comes along, or you couple up. Or, you have a child, or you want to go with three other friends and your tent is only large enough for two people. Buy more tent than you currently need. The extra space is useful either way to stow your gear and have more moving around room inside. If you get stuck inside the tent on a rainy day when camping, you’ll be glad for the extra room.

Checklist, Checklist, Checklist!

Have a checklist. The last thing you want is to arrive at your campsite and be unpacking and realize that you’ve forgotten something. Make a checklist of all the items you’re planning to bring and then physically check them off one by one.


Don’t Arrive too Late

If you’ve booked your site at the campground ahead of time, you may be thinking you can get there anytime. That would be a mistake. You need good daylight to find your spot. It’s necessary to familiarize yourself with your surroundings – where the washroom facilities are and nearby points of interest like the best trails. That’s easier to do when you have plenty of time because you’re there early. Also, anticipate that everything will take you 3 times longer if you’re new to camping.

Plan Every Meal

Meal planning is more important than you realize because if you don’t bring enough food and drink, or what you’ve brought doesn’t go well together or cook on a stove successfully, then the nearest town might be a good few miles away. Plan your meals, not snacks alone. You cannot survive on snacks when staying outdoors for several nights because you’ll be far more active than you are sitting at a desk all day and will burn through calories much faster. You must keep both hydrated and well fed to keep fueling up with well-balanced meals suitable for cooking outdoors. Also, know what the rules are for the campground. They usually will have them on their website, but they’ll also be posted on a notice board at the location. Adhere to them or the campground managers or ranger will be over to take issue with you and could send you packing.